Wednesday, October 23, 2013

His Word

Yesterday was the first time that I have ever ventured into a Christian store.  My family has all requested new bibles for when we attend church on Sunday, so while we were in the city, we made sure to schedule a stop at LifeWay Christian store.

I was so overwhelmed at all of the amazing things available in the store.  It's not even a very big store but I could have gotten lost in there for hours!!  Okay, I can do that in any store or library, but I really wanted to stay there and enjoy all of the areas and see what was on each shelve.  

We were good and spent our time in what seemed like the largest selection of bibles I have ever seen.  Being LDS, there was a selection of bibles that included the option of soft cover, hard cover, regular print, large print, some small print and your choice in color of burgundy, blue, black, or green.  Oh, and you can chose between silver or gold leafing on the sides.  It surprised us to see all of the different translations and choices in covers.  

We could chose a bible as unique as our relationship we have with God!!

So, below is the bible that I chose for myself.  I love it!

After I was saved, I was told (more suggested) that if I hadn't really read the bible before I should start with Luke.  I have slowly been reading it for the last 2 weeks and taking my time to soak it all up.  I was so excited to read from my bible last night that I stayed up reading until my eyes burned and I had to go to bed.

Reading the word of God has brought so much meaning to my everyday life.  Even, my husband stayed up reading his new bible for almost an hour.  He almost never reads and it has been a long time since he has wanted to read the bible.  We are all noticing differences in our lives.  

Although I still want to share the gospel, I know have the right tools to learn it so that I know what I am sharing better and how find the words of Christ.  Life is so good!  God is good!!

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